Tools Storage System

Our Tools Storage System improves
the organization on construction sites

Whether you are working out of a truck, trailer, sea can or toolbox, you want to have access to your tools rapidly, keep them in good working order and have them stowed for transportation. Our product solves all theses problems by creating modular, heavy duty, tools specific holders. Each one of them is designed to allow storage of one particular tool on a vertical wall surface.

The idea behind the system is based on a key Lean Construction tool, 5S, which helps achieve a clean, safe and organized workplace. Learn More

We support a wide range of tools

The Tools Storage System is designed for standard construction tools, that’s it, tools that a tradesman would not be wearing on his toolbelt like, circular saws, cordless drills and impacts, nails guns, concrete drills, angle grinders, etc. Since, we had a very wide selection to choose from, we focused on the most widely used tools from major manufacturers including: Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Hilti, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Paslode and Bosch.

We are always working on new models and if the tool support you are looking for is not in our current selection, send us an email with your requirements and we will create one for your needs.

We source the best materials to fabricate our products

Our supports are all made in the same way, a metal frame, rubber padding and edge protection. The metal part of our Tools Storage System is offered in two high quality materials: Aluminum 5052 and Stainless Steel 304. The Aluminium 5052, will give a lighter and more affordable product. For more durability and stiffness, Stainless Steel 304 is your best option.

The area where the tools are resting is lined with a commercial grade Neoprene glued to the metal. This rubber surface absorbs vibrations and shocks, hold the tools in place and resist to abrasion. The edges are protected with automotive grade trim with internal metal structure and smooth rubber surface. All hardware used is stainless steel to prevent corrosion and give extra shear strength and ensures long life.

5S Philosophy

5S is a workplace organization method based on 5 Japanese words, theses words have been translated as Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Sort is sorting all the items in a location to remove unnecessary ones.  The goal is to reduce loss time looking for tools and accessories, have the right tool in the right place and free up unproductive space.

Set in order is to arrange the items to have them in the optimal place, the tools most frequently used should be the most accessible. It also means that the tools are easy to grab, no extra covers or latches to open, this will decrease the time necessary to access tools and increase productivity.

Shine is cleaning the workspace, to make it safe and pleasing to work in, very helpful in boosting enthusiasm in the workforce.

Standardize is to keep all storage locations organized in the same manner and create a consistent schedule to act on the first 3S. Identification stickers are useful in making sure the right tool holder is used for the right tool.

Sustain is to make sure that the workers develop a self-discipline to organize and clean the workplace themselves, once properly integrated in the company culture, it takes a life of its own.


Safety, being a primary concern for many construction companies, is one of our top priorities.

We have designed our Tools Storage System with that in mind. All sharp edges have rounded corners and edge trims added to make them smooth and absorbing. The tool rest is padded with neoprene to add grip and prevent the tools from moving around during transportation. All tools supports are designed with an incline toward the vertical surface they are attached to, if the tool is moving, it will be moving toward the wall surface.  Proper body ergonomics is critical when working long hours on jobsites, by positioning the tools where they are the most accessible, you reduce useless bending and reaching to grab tools.


High quality materials, simple design and efficient fabrication brings durable products created to outlast the tools they support.

Designed for the harsh conditions of the jobsite, they will support your tools for many years. Bad storage often causes early failure of power tools by creating pressure points at the wrong location and reducing precision of the tools. This, in turn, create poor and difficult work conditions for the construction workers that, reflect on the quality of our customers products. By making a small investment in better tools storage, you increase your workers productivity and decrease the cost of new tools purchase. To protect your investment and because we are confident in our products, we are glad to offer a one-year warranty against all materials defects.