Our purpose is to bring tools and techniques to construction sites to multiply productivity.


Multiply the construction industry ability to build beautiful, solid and sustainable structures. Improve the way our structures are built to allow everyone to live, work and travel in beautiful, plentiful and sustainable built environment.


Increase construction productivity by improving existing processes with Lean technologies. Develop and implement new technologies for construction like robotics and site factories. Research new technologies to revolutionize the construction industry.

Our team strives to discover and develop the most profitable technologies for your construction company.

Our Values


We focus on the physical aspects of construction while working closely with the whole supply chain.


Humans are a very important part of the equation and construction personnel need to be empowered and valued in our quest for better productivity.


We take great pride in our work and strive to deliver premium quality products.


Structures need to improve human health and wellbeing, while merging with the surrounding environment.


Buildings need to be customizable, reusable and very durable while being affordable.

Jonathan Harvey
CEO, Founder

Hi, my name is Jonathan. I’m a Red Seal Carpenter and I made my life mission to provide the best productivity enhancing technology to construction companies.

It wasn’t planned that way.  When I was in business school in early 2000, I realized that sitting in an office all day wasn’t for me, I really liked the business part of it but, I needed something more active.  So, I decided to drop out of university and went to trade school.

Since then, my work experience got me to travel from Canada to Australia, on job sites ranging from single family house renovation to multi billion dollars industrial projects.

On all the job sites I worked on, I couldn’t help myself but think of ways to build it faster, with better tools, safer ways and less waste. So, I decided to build a company to reach a bigger audience so I can put my skills to work for forward thinking owners, managers and all construction stakeholders.